All Clear Asbestos Removal
How it Works

The quote
We will discuss the scope of the works with you and provide a written, obligation free quote. There is no charge for the quote. The price on the written quote is guaranteed. There are no hidden charges and the price is inclusive of removal and authorised disposal of the asbestos containing material ("ACM") as described below.
The preparation
Once you give the instruction to go ahead, an asbestos removal control plan will be developed for the process in consultation with you prior to the removal commencing. This plan outlines the date and time of the works, the methods and equipment to be used, and the areas that will be affected during the removal process. It also describes the steps taken to ensure that asbestos contamination is contained, and how the site will be thoroughly decontaminated after the ACM has been removed. Written notice is given to WorkSafe Tasmania as required by the Work Health & Safety Act.

A safety perimeter is erected around the removal area with barrier tape and signage. In the case of external work, disposable drop sheets are laid throught the removal area to facilitate decontamination once the ACM is removed. In the case of internal work, all floors and surfaces in the removal area are covered with plastic and the area is encapsulated from the rest of the house to prevent contamination. We spray the ACM to be removed with PVA to bind the surface and minimise the release of dust.

The removal
Your safety and that of your family and the public is our primary concern. Stringent safety standards are applied in accordance with WorkSafe Tasmania requirements and the Workplace Standards code of practice How to Safely Remove Asbestos [2012-CP113]. During each stage of the removal process and in clearing the site of ACM, we ensure that there is no risk to you of exposure to the hazard of asbestos. For our own protection, we use half face respirators, disposable overalls and personal decontamination facilities during the removal process.

We use non-abrasive tools to detach the battens, clouts, nails, and screws fixing the sheets in place and remove the sheets intact. The removed sheets are wet down and sealed in thick plastic to make them safe to transport. The clouts, nails and screws are removed from the wall or roof structure and the remaining wood is decontaminated free of dust and dirt with a class H HEPA filter asbestos vacuum which conforms to Australian Standard AS 60335.2.69 as required by the code of practice.
The clearance
Once the ACM has been removed and sealed in plastic, the drop sheets and plastic cover sheets are sprayed with PVA, wrapped in clean plastic and disposed of as contaminated waste. All surfaces in the removal area are then vacuumed with the asbestos vacuum as an added decomtamination precaution. For areas greater than 10m², the Work Health & Safety regulations 2012 require a clearance certificate to be obtained from an independent assessor to certify that the removal area is free from asbestos residue. The cost of this is included in the quote.

The removal site will then be safe for reoccupation. The wrapped ACM is transported to an approved asbestos waste management facility and disposed of in accordance with WorkSafe and EPA requirements. This is also included in the quote price.

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The result
The remaining structure will be completely free of asbestos and the decontaminated frame will have all clouts, nails and fixings removed so as to be ready to be recladding or remodelling. If you need temporary weather protection for exterior walls or roofs pending recladding or building works, we will cover the exposed structure with canvas or thick builders' plastic. We will work to the schedule of your tradesmen to minimise the time between removal and recladding weather exposed surfaces and to avoid any undue disruption to your project timetable.
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