All Clear Asbestos Removal
Price Guide

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The schedule below is to help you make an estimate of the quoted fee for your job. All rates are inclusive of GST. Sometimes, additional factors such as difficulty of access, the presence of insulation or associated debris to be disposed of, or close proximity of the removal area to the public add to the job fee, but any increase is limited to a reasonable amount and will be included in your quote. Once you request the obligation free written quote for your job, the price is all inclusive and is guaranteed for at least six months.

Internal removal:
Walls:                                           $29 per square metre
Ceilings:                                        $31 per square metre
Floor tiles and asbestos lino:         $29 to $48 per square metre (depending on glue strength)                                                                          

External removal:
Eave soffits:                                                                                     $32 per square metre
Ground floor walls and roofs:        (up to 3m from ground level):       $29 per square metre
First storey walls and roofs:         (3m to 7m from ground level):      $35 per square metre
Second storey walls and roofs:     (7 to 10m from ground level):       $40 per square metre
Higher levels:                               (over 10m from ground level):       subject to free site inspection
Plastic weatherproofing:                                                                   $2 per square metre

Clearance assessor certificate fee:
$200 (required for jobs greater than 10 square metres).

Loose asbestos debris removal:
Subject to free site inspection.

Demolition and site remediation:
Subject to free site inspection.
Please call or email for general advice or to discuss a free quote.
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